Why Book with us !

We started this business after spending more than 6 years employed and working in the tourism industry in different companies in Tanzania. The factors that made such a brilliant experience are the same factors that we now look for at Dreams Adventures (Träume Abenteuer) Ltd , and that’s why (book with us) we encourage the guests to choose our company as we know exactly what we offer and provide to them.


At Dreams Adventures (Träume Abenteuer) Ltd, superior service goes hand in hand, and we do our extreme to ensure that these two icons are met at every measure of your vacation. To succeed these midpoints of the numerical quantity, we intimately monitor the guests contentment and are systematically searching new ways to transcend our guest’s prospects.


Through with our considerable extent contacts, we have a talk terms agreements and contractual with our suppliers such as hotels, local airlines and activities handles. That means you should never pay higher a hotel or airline’s rack rate and thence would be paying the same for us as you would do by organizing the vacation yourselves. When the customer makes a safari inquiry with us, we can negotiate until when the client is certified. Consequently, you are not only cutting out the jobber, but you also get the security of booking with a trustworthy company.


We provide experienced, knowledgeable and professional driver guides who know wildlife and animal behavior as well as the local fauna and flora. Our Drivers speak fluent English and off cause Swahili as mother language, other foreign language speaking guides or tour leaders can be provided on request, and an additional cost might be involved.


While on your holiday trip helpfulness has been ever out of range, there is always a staff member on call 24/7 to grip of any unexpected difficulty situations, and we do all our level best to reply to emails as soon as possible during our regular working office hours. Also, all our driver guides they always have a mobile phone with them while on safari to contact the office in case of any situations or any needs of our customers.


We congratulate ourselves on our staff team, and we firmly trust that our staffs are our most valuable assets in our company. Dreams Adventures (Träume Abenteuer) Ltd has an extended outstanding and highly professional staff team. We deemed for the most excellent team building movements to enhance the communication among the team members and to initiate some immense memories through which they can share everything with us. Our staff members are always working together to satisfy all our guest’s needs. We have the best team that can create and build the best safari itinerary of the lifetime for every guest that books us.