Safety And Security On Tanzania Safari

Tanzania is a safe and peaceful country. Although most visits to Tanzania are trouble-free, however as a precautionary measure it is best to follow the usual safety measures and keep up with local travel warnings. Below listed are some of the safety tips to remain safe in Tanzania:

It is recommended to avoid isolated areas, particularly remote stretches of beach.

Always take a taxi in cities and tourist areas at night. Take taxis from established taxi ranks or hotels.

While using public transport, don’t accept any drinks or food from someone you don’t know.

Be sceptical of anybody who advances to you on the street, at the bus station, or in your hotel, offering safari deals.

Don’t pay money for a safari or trek in advance until you’ve thoroughly verified the company, and never pay money outside of the company’s office. And always ask for a receipt.

Keep your luggage as secure as possible – hid your valuables under your clothes – when arriving at a major bus station for the first time.

Always carry your passport, money and other documents in a pouch against your skin, hidden under loose-fitting clothing.

Keep photocopies of important documents like tickets, insurance papers, passport and visa. You should also have an email copy of these scan documents with you and somebody at home, along with your flight and other travel details.

If you wish to walk around the local area where you are staying, then enquire at the hotel if it is safe to take walk –it’s always good to seek local advice on safety issues when in a new place.

While travelling in a vehicle, keep the side windows up when the vehicle is stopped in traffic and keep your bags close to it.

Stay updated about security information from government travel advisories before venturing a place.