Mount Meru Climbing

Mount Meru situated in the heart of Arusha National Park in Tanzania is great for hiking. It is usually recommended to trek Mt. Meru prior to summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro as it prepares for altitude acclimatization. However, the trek to Mount Meru in itself is a rewarding experience.

Mount Meru not only possesses striking views and diverse vegetation, but it also gives a chance to witness wildlife during your trek. Also Mount Meru trekking is less crowded than Mt. Kilimanjaro route.

The crater rim walk on Mount Meru is a spectacular hike and offers 360 degree views from the summit of Meru and also you can witness Mt. Kilimanjaro from Meru’s peak, which is an enthralling experience.

Unlike Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru has only one official Mount Meru route to the summit – the ‘Momella route’.

Because the Northern Circuit of Tanzania is so well developed for tourism there is accommodation to suit all budgets.

Here we list a few of the options, but, if you have heard of another hotel that you would like to stay in, just let us know and we can book it for you. Most Tanzania safaris begin and end in Arusha, due to its proximity to Mount Kilimanjaro and the world famous Serengeti National Park.

The nearby Arusha National Park is good for both wildlife and hiking, with Tanzania’s second highest peak, Mount Meru. See our hiking itineraries for detailed Meru treks. It is also possible to go canoeing around the Momella Lakes, mountain biking, horse riding and visit local cultural projects.

Mount Meru Climbing Itineraries